Healthy Benefits of Fasting


"Fast and you will be healthy"

Although the first days of fasting in Ramadan can be hard there is a lot of benefit in it. We all know the spiritual benefits: you will feel more for the needed, teach yourself self control and purify your heart. 
But there are great health benefits that are scientifically proved about fasting the month of Ramadan.
A lot of non Muslims in UAE also fast. It's easy when you are surrounded by such kind environment. But if you do some research a lot of athletes also fast. So if you are non Muslim you can also try some days and get this benefits. 

Lowers Cholesterol  

By improving the blood fat levels. Studies say that fasting lowers the bad cholesterol levels and increases the good cholesterol. By lowering the bad cholesterol you are improving cardiovascular health, which keeps away heart disease.
During Ramadan opt by breaking fast with dates. People usually tend to eat more home cooked meals and soups.  I usually break my fast with dates, then always eat soup, a main course and salad.  By eating this I never eat too much of the main course rather I get fuller with a little bit of each. Also try to drink water or fresh fruit juices. Here, Vimto is very famous but it’s full in sugars try to avoid. Also sodas, like coke and 7up. Even the ones without calories. Its better to drink a fresh juice with 200 Kcal than a Coke with 0 kcal.

Help you overcome addictions and detox your body

Fasting may be a very helpful tool to overcome any addictions that you have or to reduce any guilty pleasure like sweets or chocolates. In this month you teach yourself how to restraint from eating and bad habits. If you smoke you cant so instead of smoking in the night reduce it in this month and the last 10 days eliminate. Hopefully you can keep this after Ramadan.

I like chocolates and sweets a lot. And when I feel bored at home I always like to have my tea and some biscuits, cookies, anything sweet. In Ramadan I cant so I just eat 1 small portion of sweet after the iftar. Some days I get so busy that I don’t remember to eat. It’s a way of starting a clean eating. Substitute the deserts by fruits.  Start a detox this month.

Helps fight depression

In Ramadan people sit together to eat their meals and communicate more. Engage in social Iftars to improve your mental health. 
Organize Iftars at your home that way you will be busy cooking and organizing and you will get a lot of reward for it. 

Help with height loss

If you become to close to the sweet table this may not be for you. But if you keep a healthy eating in Ramadan you may shred a few pounds.  your apetite will reduce and the stomach will gradually shrink you will need less food to feel full. 

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