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I changed my profile picture on Instagram. Before I had a logo that I made very rustic with the name of the blog. But last week I went to Dubai and I took this picture that I love with a beautiful sunset that I decided to use. 
I think it gives the blog a little bit more of personality. I wanted my readers to know who is behind the blog and to feel connected with me. 

My new profile picture on Instagram 

And in the theme of Instagram and social media. I just wanted to write something that has been on my mind on modest fashion and beauty in the social media. 

I am all about fashion, since young I loved  to go to shoppings to see what's on trend. I never had much money to shop so I just window shopping. I'm happy wih my life and the way that I growed up made me a person that can make the most out of small. So I always try to find bargains and the best discounts and be fashionable at the same time. 
When I moved to UAE and started working in Etihad I had to wear make up everyday. So that's when I start taking more attention to make up and all things beauty. 

So my opinion is based in my faith and also on what I like.
I see all over Instagram bloggers that are convered to wear clothes that are not modest or that are showing half or their hair. The subject is really sensitive and I always read some comments and people enter in big wars. 
I think that once you start a blog and get followers you have a social responsability about what you send out out there. And more than following trends the big personalities are shown by those who can keep their morals, values and faith. I follow big modest fashion bloggers that didn't had to go further from their obligations to get followers. (Scroll down to see some I love). And with this i dont mean you have to wear all black(aka Abaya) to be modest. Everyone has their own culture and the meaning of hijab and be modest is to cover. This goes for woman and for men. 

As I reader I like this: To see someone who is truth to their self's.  I like to follow and get inspiratiin by someone who didn't care about what society told them to do. 

We often read about how hijab is enslaving the woman, hijab is a prison. But I think the biggest oppression is when the woman is not free to wear more. We are always in a pressure to wear less.
Doesn't the big oppression come when countries like France that is against the full swuimsuit. There is a brand, Marks and Spencer, launching a full swuimsuit ( often called Burkini) for muslim woman to enjoy going to the beach or pool like everyone else. And everyone is against this. The people against are not allowing muslim women to go to the beach. So who is opppressing? 

I wish there were more brands like Marks Spencer that come forward and think about their whole public. 

Let's all be truth to our beliefs. And get followers and be an inspiration for what we are, not what they want us to be.

Some hijab bloggers I follow:

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