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Around the Make Up Aisle

For us girls make up is like part of our lives. I couldn't leave without make up. Although sometimes I like to let my face breathe mostly everyday I wear make up. 

For the everyday, I usually put foundation+powder, I would go just with foundation or a BB cream but because of the heat in UAE and my t-zone oily face I can't forget the powder. Top it with mascara and eyeliner... and voilá. 

If I have more time usually on weekends I put more effort in my make up and do some cat eyeliner a smoky eye, false eyelashes and some contouring.

After applying make up the beauty corner is a big mess. I think is every woman struggle to find their make up inside all the the make up pouches and boxes. we have our eyeliners in one place the eye shadows in another finding and organizing is a complication.

I've seen all the bloggers using this make up organization. And I'm not exception. I got mine in a Facebook page. It's very practical with the drawers and the lipstick organizer. I'm very happy with it. And now all I want is to have more make up to fill those drawers. 

But if you are a DIY girls there is so many nice ideas on Pinterest. Ill show you some that I loved.

I don't own to many nail polishes because usually I go to salon but this idea with the cake stand is so cute. Or the cookie jar. Beauty is also a good sweet for us!! 

If you are practical or you have to rush to work everyday and want to have your daily make up essentials on hand why not magnetize your products and display them. You will definitely know where they are. 

For the brushes I still haven't decided where I'll put mines. I like the idea with the coffee beans it will hold the brushes and also give an extra nice smell in the house. And coffee beans are also good to absorve bad smells.
The Ikea white vases are also a really cute idea. I've seen them everywhere and for the price It's really a good option.

Hope you enjoyed the ideas.Tell me how to you organize your make up.

Sofia Dias

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4 comentários

  1. nice :))))))))) i went to organizelike this

    1. Yah soo nice! I got of Facebook there is group for lady that sells this.

  2. Hey Sofia...
    Very good post! Thanks of stopping by my Blog so I decided to stop by yours.
    Well I am also a Make up Junkie, so organizing my make up is always a topic I love...I recently re-organized, looks Like I am Happy with it and will stick to it for quit sometime. Yes I also use the acrylic make up organizers and they are the best!

    Claudia ClaKi

  3. I love the cake stand idea! #perfect