Foodie Thursdays - Musakhan


This week our Foodie Thursdays is all about tradition. I decided to make a recipe in honor of Palestine.

The main dish is Musakhan. Musakhan is famous Palestinian dish. Easy to make, it is made mostly during the olive oil pressing season to celebrate Palestine main produce, Olive Oil

To make this dish you will need a special spice called Sumac. Sumac is what gives Musakhan a exquisite flavor. It's a spice that comes from the berries of the Rhus Shrubs. The berries are dried and the ground to a red powder that has a sour tangy flavor. 
In middle eastern cuisine sumac is added to chicken and salads, like in Fatoush

The Taboon bread used is a flat bread made in a very hot clay oven lined with small stones that give the bread the dimple appearance 


For 2 persons

4 medium onions peeled and chopped
1 cup olive oil
2 garlic cloves sliced
2 tbsp Sumac
1/2 tsp all spice
Salt and Pepper
1 tsp sugar 
2 Chicken breasts 
2 loaves of Taboon bread

How to do:

Put the olive oil in a large pot. On medium heat sautée the onions and garlic.
Sprinkle in the salt and sugar.
Stir to coat the onions well and turn the heat to low.
Cook gently taking care not to burn the onions.  The onions will caramelize and sweeten as they cook.
After about 40 minutes the onions should be Soft.
Remove from heat and stir the sumac. They will turn into a pink colour.
Put in a colander and drain the excess oil.

Cook the chicken with salt and pepper and Sumac,  in the oven or grill.

To assemble: Put the bread for 2 or 3 minutes in the oven so it doesn't soften when you assemble.
Serve one loaf of bread with the onions and the chicken on top. You can also put pomegranate seeds or pine nuts to decorate.
Serve with salad and yougurt

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  1. Looks delicious!
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  2. This looks soo good! I'm deinitely pinning this recipe and giving it a shot soon, if I can find the right kind of bread.

  3. Your blog is amazing. I saw your comment on a YouTube video and you deserve a higher following