Addicted to Series


Guys what is your favorite Series?? 

I love watching series and movies. 

Me and my hubby watch so many movies. Every weekend we go to the movies and mostly every day we watch one movie in the night. So much that the box office from our cable TV doesn't have any movie that we didn't watch. 
Off course only the type of movies that we like. I'll leave to the braves the horror movies. 

I really like movies but another love is series. Specially those that get us so addicted and waiting everyday of the week for the new episode. 

I'm now watching Scandal and Game of Thrones, can't believe I never watched this before.  I watched season 1 of Game of Thrones in 1 day. I really love how they make us fear for our favourite characters.

I used to see Revenge and I got sad when it finished. The series was loosing is groove I think it finished at proper time. But when it finished I found myself thinking about Emily and Jack what were the doing after.

So between watching these two I think I can fit one more in my schedule. What do you recommend ?

I don't like The Walking Dead. It's not my type watching people eating each other. And I also didn't liked Pretty Little Liars. I saw the beginning and didn't captivate me at all. I thought it was boring. 

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