Let's learn arabic together


The most readed post so far has been my jorney on learning arabic. So I was thinking and maybe it's a good idea to post some things so we can learn arabic together. The basics, of course, but enough to go to an arabic country and say Hello, Good Morning or even ask for something.
what do you think good idea?
Today is the first lesson and we will learn how to say:
  • Marhaba - Hello
  • Ahlan wa Sahlan - welcome 
  • Ahlan Biki/bika - reply to welcome
  • Sabah al Khayr - Good morning
  • Sabah al Noor - reply to Good morning
  • Kayfa Haluki (for a lady) - How are you?
  • Kayfa Haluka (for a man)- How are you?
  • Bi khayr wa anti/anta - good and you?  
  • Shukran - Thank you
  • tasharrafna - nice to meet you
  • Maa assalama - Good bye

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