Makes me hungry just to think + very special birthday


Wafi Gourmet

Situated in Abu Dhabi Corniche this restaurant is very pleasent, you can have a good meal while relaxing with the view of the sea.
I went for lunch so it was not full and we found a table at the balcony very easy. It's a very nice place to enjoy some shisha also.
I went with my best friend to celebrate her birthday. First we ordered the Hummus with pine seeds and Msakaa. For main course we asked for the Tagine. To drink we tried the Lemon mint juice and Orange and Pinapple juice. I just loved the Hummus, I think it was very light and tasty, the msakaa was new to me it is made with eggplant and tomato sauce. The only thing I have to note was the Tagine didn't came with any couscous or rice we were not informed but since we were sooo full kind of wasn't necessary.
The staff was very friendly and everytime we finished the bread they came to refill the basket.

The restaurant is very big and has a shop where you can buy sweets, fruits, spices...

Name: Wafi Gourmet
Location: Al Khubeirah, Nation Galleria, West Corniche, Abu Dhabi
Price: Average, meal for 2 approximately 250AED

P.s. For my friend birthday I got her a Arabic cooking book mostly with recipes from Gulf I hope to cook with her soon and post some recipes here...

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