About life


The course of life: go to school, make friends, finish high school, leave some friends, make new friends, struggle to decide what is that one thing you want to for the rest of your life, go to university, start travelling, finish university, try to find a job, there is a crisis, no job, take a masters, try to find a job, find a job, get married.
what's next?
Have a baby?
Focus on work?
Focus in family?
It's is known ever since you get married everyone starts asking when is the baby coming or you are next to have a baby. Etc etc.
I came to realise that this questions can cause anger, pain, stress to the couple. There is so many people now struggling with infertility. Conceiving a baby is no more the funny part. It is in the movies and always that friend couple that just got married and got pregnant or the other that weren't even trying. but the reality is that we got to a point in our lifes that having a baby maybe it's not the first priority or maybe they are struggling with infertility.

So if a baby is not in sight what comes next after marriage?

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