1 year in Abu dhabi


1 year was in January but I didn't had this blog to share. It was definitely a good way of starting 2014, coming to this new country and changing all of my life. Everything was new. I had to get used talking in another language than mine, different types of cultures, a specially a new way of living. I came here to work for Etihad. I loved the experience and the opportunities that Etihad gave me but I guess in the end it wasnt what was in my destiny. Looking back to my pictures here in Abu Dhabi i realised half of them are pictures of food. I never had this thing of taking pictures to food but I really discovered here the pleasure of realy eating.
I think I spent a lot of my salaries on food. I love eating out, and just eating. But for sure I miss my portuguese food. 
1 year passed and I still have so much to discover in Abu Dhabi.
After 1 year my arabic improved a little bit but i still think I should speak much better by now. Sometimes I wish we had to speak arabic everywhere. My english is muuuuuch better. I still remember my interview for Etihad and I was a disaster in English. Thank you to believe me Etihad!
I miss flying, more the part of visiting new countries. but i love more my new life. Now waiting for new challenges and surprises in my life.

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