Around Abu Dhabi: La Boulanger


Yesterday I went to have dinner in La Boulanger in the Corniche.
The weather is still good in UAE. I do not miss the hot days at all and yesterday it was a little bit cold in the night, nothing special but a cold that needs a jacket.
La Boulanger is a restaurant situated in the corniche near marina mall and with amazing views to Abu Dhabi. 
I think everyone that comes to Abu Dhabi goes to La Boulanger. For me I have really good memories in this place. It was one of the first places that I went when I first came to Abu Dhabi. 
I prefer to go near the sunset time. the light is amazing. 
The food is not spectacular but its good and the portions are reasonably good.
The really bad con in this place is the service. Is very slow.. But with a litle patiente you get everything you asked for!
A must in Abu Dhabi!
Name: La Boulanger
Location: Corniche Marina, near Marina Mall
Price: Cheap, 100 aed for 2 people

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