a little mexican


Yesterday the lunch was mexican.
The restaurant was Cantina Laredo in Khalidiyah mall. This was maybe the third time I visit this place and two things always happen: I get full before main course and the staff is very nice.
Everyone is always welcoming and the service is fast and good. We ordered for main course the Beef Quesadilla and Chimichanga chicken.
The appetizer, for me, is the star, I love avocados, therefore I love guacamole. in Cantina Laredo they do this amazing guacamole in front of us like you see in the pictures. They bring some ingredients that we can chose for the staff to mix with the avocado. I don´t eat onion so it was the only thing I didnt choose.
The quesadilhas were also very  delicious with the perfect amount of cheese and beef. By this time I couldn´t eat anything else so I just had a bit of the chimichanga chicken but it was also good.
The portions are big which mean is good to share.
I noticed they prepare some birthday parties or romantic surprises because one of the tables had so many baloons, a teddy bear and roses. Someone had a good surprise yesterday!
Name: Cantina laredo
Location: Level 1, Khalidiyah Mall, Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi
Price:  Average, meal for 3 approximately 220aed  (3 girls :) )

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