Eastern Mangroves Promenade


Yesterday I went for the first time to the Eastern Mangrooves Promenade. I loved it. Me and my friend went for a tea and a dessert in Cafe Blanc and then we took a wal in the promenade. The weather this days has been good. Althou there was no sun it's not too hot! 
We enjoyed the view and we got really excited to see the little boats that look like donuts. they are electric and you can go for an hour drive through the mangrooves. 
The Eastern Mangrooves Promenade had a Waitrose, Starbucks, Cafe Blanc, Carluccios, Flooka, Peppermill and more one restaurant I can't recall. So there is a good variety to choose what to eat and enjoy this peacefull place. 

Where: Eastern Mangrooves Promenade 

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