Let's learn Arabic Together #2


Today I wanted to share some more words in arabic that can be useful!  
we have:

Kayf? - How?  -> Kayfa Haluki/a? (how are you?) , Kayf al jauz? (how is the weather?)

Ayn? - Where? -> Min ayna anti/a? (where are you from? ) 

Kam? -> How much/many? - Kam sana omruki/a? (how old are you?)

Mataa? -> When -  (when you went to the mall? )

Lematha? -> why? - (why you went there? )

Matha?\ Ma? -> what? - Ma hadha?(what is this?) Ma issem al fondok? (what is the name of the hotel?)

Man? -> who? -  Man akaltu caak?(who eat the cake?) 

Leman? Whose? - Leman hadha qalam?  (whose pen is this?)

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