Almaz by momo


I visited Almaz by Momo in Galleria mall this friday.
The ambient is really cool with morocan decoration. Usually a reservation is needed on weekends the restaurant is almost full at dinner time every day. 
It has good ambient although I think the music is a little bit too loud in the restaurant inside.  It's not the first time I visit this restaurant. I'm not impressed with the food but for coffee or some drinks it's perfect. 
Last time we ordered the lamb tagine and couscous and the portions were really small for the price. 
This Friday we decided to just seat outside and enjoy the weather with some sweets and drinks. 
We ordered a plate of mixed morocan sweets and two mocktails. The sweets are my favourite thing. I love them all. They cost 6 aed each and the mocktails were around 38 aed. 
Overall not impressed with food but the location, ambient and service were good.

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