It spot.... Gossip Desserts


Last Friday I went to Gossip Desserts. This new it spot in Abu Dhabi is in Galleria Mall, Mariah Island.
I've been wanting to go to this place for a while now. But I didn't had the chance. 
On weekends, usually there is a lot of people but easily you can get a table. The ambiance of this place is relaxing with modern tables and chairs. I feel its a perfect place to go during the week to seat and read a book. When you enter you're welcomed by the display of cakes that is jaw dropping. 

I felt like eating all the cupcakes, cake pop and macaroons.
The service was good although I read it can be slow some times I thought it was appropriate waiting time. 

I ordered a chicken and brie sandwich that was really delicious with the brie melting also 5 stars for the french fries that came with the sandwich. Some places only serve a small amount but not in Gossip. I also asked for a piece of Acai and Blueberry cake. The drinks were also good and a suggestion of the waiter.

The prices are a little bit over the medium for the coffee shops. A latte has a price of 21aed. But since this restaurant is situated in Galleria Mall it has an average price list. 
Overall, it was a nice experience, the menu is extensive and I would like to come back but for breakfast since I saw this red velvet pancakes and the hot chocolate on the menu. 

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