Brown lips


Brow lips were always on trend you can see them since the 90's 

Fall asks for more warm colors. Burgundy, browns, plaid, and the always black. 
So I was inspired for this make up I saw on Pinterest, did a little bit more search and found some amazing brow lip colors. 

If you like me want to have this trend rocking your lips you have to find the perfect shade of brown for you skin tone. 
For light skin tone choose light brown. Medium skin tone girls can go for more darker shades of brown. Darker skin tone works perfect with caramel or bronze brown.

Use a lip liner to design the lip and apply the lipstick. if your looking for a bold look just do this for a more light mood top it with some lip gloss in the middle to add some shine. 

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3 comentários

  1. Love the brown lipstick. And also the nail polish is really warm.

  2. I love your blog it's so perfect and clean idk i just love it. Love this post, love brown lipsticks my favourites is the one from nyx and mac.

    1. Obrigada obrigada! !!
      Me too I love NYX but I still haven't found it!!