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I love shopping. One of my dream days is just go with unlimited card and shop all day. Well, one of my dreams days. You can just say I really like shopping.

I never been so much into online shopping because I like to try and have my clothes with me. Also, I-m one of those people that buy new clothes and wears it the next day. I can't understand when people have clothes for so much time and then they find in the closet with the tag still on. So, I guess we can say that I love to shop but I'm not compulsive buyer. I buy what I love and I know that I'm going to wear.

So when I came to live in Abu Dhabi sometimes I don't have my shopping buddies with me and I started going for online shops. First, I started just to see and then I took courage and bought. it was a very nice experience so I got confident and now we are best friends me and online shopping. 
It is definitely worth because you can always find some coupons online. so here are my tips for online shopping.

  1. Be sure with your size. Sizes vary from brand so make sure you know what is your size for the brand you are buying. most of shopping websites have table of sizes with measurements. so grab a meter and check your sizes. if you're buying dresses some websites also say what is the length of the dress which is important you don't want to buy a maxi dress and its midi. this also apply for the shoe, make sure you know what is the size of the heel. 
  2. if you're still not sure about the size, go to Instagram and search the brand on tags nowadays you can always find someone with the thing you want to buy. 
  3. Payments. most of stores use the visa system or paypal. Here in UAE there is something that i love which is Cash on delivery. usually if you choose this method you pay a small amount but i think its great for those who don't have a credit card. you just place your order and some days later its at your door and that's when you pay. 
  4. make sure there is a return policy or you will get stuck with something that doesn't fit.
  5. Look for online coupons. a lot of this online shopping websites associate with bloggers that use their clothes and have some coupons so search them on google. you can usually get 10% or 20% off

My favourite places to shop online now are Asos and Namshi for clothes, Iheartbeauty for makeup, Souq and Litle Majlis.
Dress form Little Mistress on Namshi
Blazer New Look on Namshi

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