When you feel Sad, do this


      Because Life is already hard 

 sometimes all we need 

is that piece of chocolate

When I feel down sometimes I want to give up. I feel like I'm done with this life and there is nothing more out there for me. This way of thinking is very destructible and I've been starting to build a stronger character that doesn't make me give up on everything. 

We all have ups and downs in our life. And for sure our ups will be more than downs. And the downs are there to make sure we keep our feet on the ground. So what can we do to feel better when we have a down moment? Here is my top things to do. 

1. Buy a candle with your favorite scent and light up. It’s been proven that certain fragrances can have an effect on your mood. 

2. Spend time helping others. Like playing with children, sit with elderly people or do some charity work. Helping others is always rewarding and gives you a sense of being useful to the society. Spending time playing with children can always make you better. Children are innocent and always fun. Elderly people always have a good advice. 

3. Exercise. Because exercise gives you endorphin. And this hormones are the responsible of making you happy!

4. Grab a tea or a coffee your favorite biscuits/chocolates/popcorn and watch your favorite TV shows. This doesn't even need explanation. It includes food and TV. Watch those TV shows that everyone is always afraid to admit they watch. TLC is full of them. 

5. Pinterest. Go to Pinterest and search inspirational quotes. I always spend to much time on Pinterest. I start by searching food recipes 3 hours later I'm watching funny inspirational quotes or thinking about redecorating my bathroom. For sure you will not be thinking about what is bothering you

7. Shopping. Shopping always gives a sense of happiness. Pampering yourself is important to feel like you're worth. You are the most important thing in your life. So treat yourself nicely. Even if you don't have a lot of money buy that cheap nail polish from the dollar store something that would make you feel good at the time. But don't exaggerate, don't spend your whole salary or you will have one more thing to worry about. 

6. Pray. Pray comes in the same category as talking to someone. But much better. I'm not saying we shouldn't talk with a close friend or a relative but sometimes we talk with someone and we don't get the support we were expecting or their opinion is really hurtful so instead of getting even more sad, why not pray? Whatever your religion is or even if you're not into praying, try. Just seat and try to talk about what is making you feel sad. There is nothing better. When we feel sad we just want to talk about what is hurting us. All we need is someone to listen. You can be sure that you will not hear: I told you so or I knew he wasn't man for you, etc, etc, whatever the reason is making you feel sad. And if you believe, God is always listening to us. And He always helps. 

What about you? what are your tricks to lift your mood?

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2 comentários

  1. You know that i admire you and what you have done with your life ita pretty amazing.
    You're a inspiration to me. Dont ever forget that
    Love u sister from another mother.
    Im far away but close to you ❤❤