Fashion obsession... Sleeveless Coats


Sleeveless Coats are here, big time.

On Spring runway they were a huge hit but now in Fall that's when they come to stay and fill our wishlists.
They are basically coats without sleeves and you can find some more warmer in wool or like trench coat without sleeves.

Every brand launched in their collections sleeveless coats/waistcoats and there is a big selection in Zara. But I'll show you other brands that also featured this major fashion trend. 

I personally think this trend is ideal for UAE. We don't have cold at all but the nights are getting slightly colder and a light sleeveless coat would be great pared with a blouse just to give a fashion touch. Not really to keep you warm (Unless you got to the malls, what is happening with the a/c do they want us to pretend it's winter?)

If you live in a country that Fall and Winter are normal, you can wear this Coat with a wool jumper. I'll give you also some street style inspiration on how to rock the sleeveless coat. 

Victoria Beckham 

Kendal Jenner also likes the trend

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