Lisbon, Portugal


"Portugal Garden of Europe planted by the sea"

Tomás Ribeiro poem

It's been a long time since I wrote a travel diary. But since Thailand Travel Diary, here, is one of the most read post in this blog I decided to write about my country. What better place to travel?

Talking about the best things in Lisbon and Cascais in just one post is very hard. Portugal is a country with so much beauty, considered for so many one of the most beautiful in the world.  Is it from the food, from the unique light, from the welcoming people, the music or the way of living. You have to go and decide for yourself. 

I went to a lot of countries in this world and surely there is a lot of beautiful places to visit but Portugal stays in a special place in your heart.

Starting from my town, Cascais and Sintra. It's so incredible how in this two places you have the most beautiful sea and the mountains. I suggest you rent a car and start going to go up by the mountain to Palácio da Pena, visit the village and eat the famous Travesseiros and Queijadas of Sintra. Then drive until Cabo da Roca and admire the most west place in Europe. Here you have a wonderful view to the Atlantic ocean. Keep driving in this beautiful road always with the ocean view until you arrive Cascais.

Enjoy the town of Cascais and Estoril, with so much history from the European royalty, and the beaches. If you do this tour in one day you will feel complete. In one day you get in touch with the sea the mountains it's so rewarding.
Streets in Sintra

Breathtaking view of Atlantic Ocean

In Lisbon, you're in the capital of Portugal. There is much more people and rush. But Lisbon is a city where the old and the new meet. Go to the streets of Alfama and see the people with warming welcomes and visit the Miradouros to have the most beautiful views of this city. You can take the Tram 28 and goes to the most tourist places in Lisbon. Visit the Terreiro do Paço and Arco da Rua Augusta. Go up to Chiado and see the Elevador da Gloria. Finish your day with a dinner in one of the famous restaurants with live music where you can listen the beautiful Fado.

If you like shopping but not so much the shopping malls. You're in the perfect place. In downtown Lisbon you can do all of your shopping outside. You have the high brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, in Avenida da Liberdade and more street brands, like Zara and HM, in Chiado.

Historical Tram 28
Streets of Lisbon

Well, by now you should be curious about my country. If this is still not enough I'll tell you a little bit about the food. We have so many delicious foods that you would stay all day reading. So I'll tell you the ones I like the most and hopefully you will go check for yourself in your next trip.
Cod Fish, or Bacalhau, the king of Portuguese food,  so many ways to eat it. My favorites are Bacalhau com Natas and Bacalhau à Braz.  The famous chicken, Frango assado. And another sea food Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato.

Then the sweets. And for the sweet tooth go to Belém and try the very famous Pastel de Natal. This little pastry speaks for itself. Belém is also a very important place in the history of this country. From here the Portuguese sailors set out to discover the maritime route to India. There are big monuments in honor of them. the Torre de Belém, Padrão dos Descobrimentos. In Belém there is also the beautiful Mosteiro dos Gerónimos.
Pastel de Belém and Queijadas and Travesseiros de Sintra

Well, tell me, do you fell curious about my country? I miss this place so much. Even writing this post made me in tears. I really love my country!

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  1. Wow those views are stunning! I am curious what Pastel de Belém and Queijadas and Travesseiros de Sintra tastes like! The one on the left sort of looks like an egg tart :P