Dubai Bound


This Eid al Adha I went on a small getaway to Dubai. I was planing to take a lot of pictures to share with you guys but we turnout to just enjoy the moments and relax.  
So this is just a couple of pictures we took there. 
I had a really nice time in Dubai. Although we had a bumpy start.  We were supposed to go to the hotel Jw Marriot Marquis hotel. We left Abu Dhabi on Wednesday  (for mu muslim readers this was Arafah Day and we were fasting). There we went to Dubai in the afternoon. We arrived the hotel maybe at 5pm. Our plan was to go change and go to have iftar in Dubai Mall. I was really excited about this hotel because of the location, Business Bay, and a lot of good reviews. 
When we arrived, the reception  informed us that our reservation was canceled because it was for the day before. I got really upset because we booked for 3 weeks and we forgot to double check. But they find a solution and change the reservation. BUT we couldn't use our voucher. 
Well, my friend had given me this Entertainer voucher for this hotel and it was the main reason we booked JW Marriot. I usually don't use vouchers so I had called the hotel to know how to use it and they informed me I just need to do a reservation and present the voucher on arrival. I asked if it could be online and they said no problem. 
I got really upset because they said I had to call the reservation counter to be able to use the voucher. Although, that wasn't the information that was given to us they didn't offer any other solution. 
At this time we were really hungry. Staying in this hotel would be much more cost than our budget for the getaway. 
So we decided to go eat and think. 
We literally drive around dubai looking for food and we ended up eating in a Afghan restaurant near Dubai Bowling Center. 
Finally, with full stomachs we decided to book a room in Millenium Hotel, it was much cheaper and wit breakfast included. I love hotel breakfasts and this one was really goooood. Milenium has a metro station right at the door which was a bonus. 
So we had a bumpy start but put getaway turn out to be amazing full with romantic moments. 

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